Hey there, thanks for dropping by! I have yet to decide if this will be my writing blog but until then, you can expect occasional musings and book reviews.

If you like books, let’s be friends!  https://www.goodreads.com/autumnlights


Note: Except for the quoted posts (credited in the tags), all other writings (poems, prose, plays, reviews etc) are authored by yours truly. © Re: images – except for book covers, screenshots, and shows references, all other pictures are original uploads.

Feel free to share but please link me/ credit aptly. Thank you (:


FAQ: why is your blog so depressing?

It’s not intentional! It just happens that whatever I’ve deemed worthy of posting happens to be stuff I’ve written when I’m feeling… Not great. I’ve realised that the pieces I’m most proud of are those written in a spur of the moment when I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts. Unhappy times makes for good creativity! I encourage you to write out your feelings (especially when you don’t quite get them)!


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