Left –
it’s been too long,
you are the same but not
how I remembered
yet we pick up where we left

am I still the me you love(d)?
your hug affirms yet your silence disagreed…
was I more quiet than usual, observing,
distancing…but why?
we trust enough to show all our sides and yet I felt different this time;
pulled back slightly but I love you,
just like always,
still, even

I see how you climb to where you were always meant to be, even in new waters,
you are always ahead,
navigation pat down,
head up,
don’t forget to remember me (please)
when you are where you want to be,
I will be here,

we were always on the same wavelength,
no judgements passed, honest for good,
supportive to the end; we didn’t need anyone else…
but I felt it; did you? Too?
I’ve fallen behind; did you turn back?
Wherever we’re headed, we always make it a point to come back.

So why did I feel off-center?

In you, I saw you :
bigger, brighter, better.
So badly I want to know if in me,
did you still see me?
Because I couldn’t find me, in us.


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