how to train your dragon 2

Didn’t watch the trailer and guessed it right when she appeared -Hiccup’s mum. predictable.

The biggest question on my mind as the plot unfolded : why did it take (spoiler alert) Hiccup’s father’s death for Hiccup to step up to his predestined role? why must he witness that sacrifice in order to accept a position which he felt went against his nature (as in the beginning, when he was ‘offered’ the role)?  it makes it seem as though he was forced into it. it wasn’t exactly a choice now, was it? the people needed a new leader and he was a capable, suitable candidate for the position.

Thoughts on why he took on the position:

a) he felt pressured into it, even mum encouraged him and she has (finally) returned ie not dead woah & didn’t wanna disappoint his father/ further meaning to dad’s death/sacrifice

b) a chip off the old block. he’s made for this. this is who he truly is, and has been all along, or at least, a part of him (bc clearly, his nature resembles his mother’s and that much was pretty evident but yet, he has his father’s qualities too. nature vs nurture? since mama was absent for 20 years and pops raised him) and he never really realized it until his father’s passing ie eyes opened/ self-discovery. but i guess that affirms the necessity for something drastic to happen before anagnorisis

Another question (plot hole?) : why did the other (the evil giant) dragon listen to draco bloodhound (? i forgot the antagonist’s name) ; what was the latter’s power / control over the former? my theory as the plot progressed was that the evil dragon will notice how the other dragons aren’t actually controlled by the vikings and are voluntarily fighting with them, for them, and liberate himself from the spell of (i’m just gonna call him) draco bloodhound. But no. I didn’t call that one,  unfortunately.  I guess the calefare’s character development had to be sidelined as usual huh, in this case,  for toothless to have his moment – oh alpha dragon we shall now all bow down to your incredible magnificence. and as for the other (good giant) dragon – i expected more of a fight. you went down too quickly, come on.

Also, dreamworks doesn’t unleash the waterworks as well as pixar. for me anyways.


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